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Threading Trumps Waxing: Wink Threading Salon

If you’re like me, than you are well versed in the art of eyebrow maintenance. You know all the best waxing salons and your Tweezerman is an old, beloved friend. So when I first heard about “threading”, I was intrigued.

Wink Threading Salon on McKinney has officially converted me into an eyebrow threading enthusiast. I was a little skeptical before I went inside, but as soon as I stepped into the tiny salon my fears were put to rest. The staff was welcoming and the warm atmosphere and modern decor immediately put me at ease.

Why choose threading? Threading uses a thin, twisted cotton thread to roll over areas of unwanted or untidy hair allowing for great precision. It’s also the safest form of hair removal in that it avoids touching the skin altogether. Waxing can cause stretching and removes a top layer of the skin causing irritation. Best of all, threading is practically pain-free compared to plucking and waxing.

The best part about Wink? A simple eyebrow threading only costs $12, which is the cost of waxing in most salons. So the next time you need to tame the beasts that are your brows, let Wink Threading Salon make a convert out of you as well.

[From You Plus Dallas]