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The Price of Beauty

The 33 News
March 22, 2010
How do you define beauty? What makes you feel beautiful? Inspired by the new show “The Price of Beauty,” we are devoting the whole week to beauty and how you can look and feel your best. We have tips on makeup, finding the perfect jeans and making yourself beautiful from the inside out.

Today we had Brittany Edwards, lifestyle writer and editor of DailyCandy, to talk about beauty deals going on around town this week.

Here are a few of her suggestions:

V Spa at the Anatole’s Beauty Express treatments: They start at $25 for a mani or pedi and go up to $55 for a facial. These are shortened treatments, so don’t expect the full experience. But it’s great if you’re a busy girl on the go and want to squeeze in a little time for pampering.

Other picks are “threading” — a hair removal process that’s more hygienic (and less sticky!) than waxing. The salon Wink offers threading starting at $8.

And finally, Facelogic is offering sunless tanning at $25, with $5 going toward skin cancer research and awareness.

We’d love to hear some of your beauty secrets! (We’ll reveal a couple of our secrets tomorrow on The RC.) Send us an e-mail, we’ll share your beauty regimen on the air!

Have a beautiful day!

X0X0, Roni