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Oh Hey Dallas Review

Here it is, folks, my first non-food related post.

I can’t think of a better place to highlight than Wink Threading Salon for my first article, either. For those of you who don’t know what Wink is, it is a threading studio located in West Village and it is my favorite. Threading? What the hell is that. Well you know, it’s where someone rubs some string over your face and it removes unwanted hair…or something. Don’t ask me!

I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for years now and they have looked extra fabulous ever since Wink opened up a few years ago. Each time I visit Wink, no matter what the time of day is, there always seems to be somebody in one of their four chairs getting worked on. In my opinion, the best part about Wink is that they are quick. Too often, you will go to a waxing or threading place and sure they may be quick but you leave looking like a hot mess, well, not here! Usually, I can get my eyebrows done in less than 5 minutes and although I occasionally have to wait my turn to be seen, it has never taken more than 30 minutes to be in and out.

The staff is super friendly and always make sure you are happy with their work before your butt leaves the chair. Although some may say that Wink is a little bit more pricey than other threading studios in the area, I say it is worth it. I would much rather pay a few extra bucks and be getting compliments about how great my brows look than pay less and become BFFs with a pencil that colors them in every day.

If you haven’t ever tried treading, I will just tell you right now – yes, it hurts. It doesn’t hurt like “Oh bloody hell, I just stabbed myself” but it does sting. Get over it, I promise it won’t stay that way forever. Threading isn’t just for brows either, Wink provides all kinds of various services ranging from chin to FULL FACE. Also, gents – this isn’t just for ladies. Almost every time I go there is a man in there getting his wild beasts brows tamed and I guarantee he pulls more ass than the rest of you.

In my opinion, which you should listen to because I know good shit, definitely check out Wink if you haven’t already. They truly care about their customers and enjoy getting feedback. Wink is also, like, really good at social media and stuff and can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. They even put a Christmas tree up in their window during the holidays…in their signature orange, of course.

[From http://ohheydallas.com]