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How Now, Thick Brow

From Gay List Daily

Waxing is so ’90s. That’s not just personal mantra, it’s also the tagline for newly opened Wink at Dallas’ West Village.

While we’ve been known to wax everything from our eyebrows to those trouble spots on our right palm, it’s not always the most pleasant experience.

Hell, our boyfriend once practically got third-degree burns from an over-zealous aesthetician who thought applying the wax three times would make for a more memorable and lasting experience.

As far as we’re concerned, at least for our face, we’ll never get waxed again. The beauty of Wink is that it’s a threading-only salon focused on this ancient art of hair removal. The last time we were this excited about thread, it was during a designer meltdown on Project Runway.

This was our first experience with threading and we must admit, it was practically painless (one side smarted a little more than the other). But they expertly sculpted our eyebrows into a masculine shape in a matter of just a few minutes and we were out the door to show off the new real estate above our eyes to everyone who stopped to ask why we always look so handsome.

By staying true to their Do One Thing And Do It Well attitude, Wink is super efficient and extremely affordable. Prices start at just $8 for upper lip, chin or forehead threading, $10 for neck and $12 for eyebrows.

And if you’re looking like Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf these days, might we suggest the full face and neck threading for a scant $36.

And did we mention that the price includes a glass of wine or bubbly?

So think Wink when you dare to go bare, and leave the wax for your backs.

3829 McKinney Avenue, Suite 115
(storefront actually faces Blackburn, across from the main West Village complex)
(214) 599-9465

Mention Gay List Daily and receive 25% off any service through April 30, 2010. No appointment necessary.