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Have Sensitive Skin? - Wink Threading Salon
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Have Sensitive Skin?

Threading eyebrows has supplanted waxing as the eyebrow-hair-removal method of choice for many – especially for those with sensitive skin. And, why not? Threading uses a string to remove hair gently, whereas in waxing a resin is placed on the skin and then taken (read: ripped) off to rid hair. Here are seven reasons why people with sensitive-skin are turning to threading:

Less contact with the skin. Threading has little to no contact with the skin. Waxing, on the other hand, tugs at the skin when the hair is removed, and can irritate and discolor sensitive skin.

Stop seeing red. With waxing, the affected skin turns red because of the wax tugging at and removing the skin, not the actual removal of the hair. If you do get pink from threading, it usually goes away within the hour.

Delicate skin. The skin around the eyes is thin, and thus becomes easily irritated from waxing. Threading eyebrows is a true “skin saver.”

No contraindications. Threading eyebrows doesn’t remove the top layer of skin like waxing. So even people that use Retin-A or take other medications that conflict with waxing can still get threading.

It’s a burn-free method. Waxes are generally applied while warm, and not every waxing salon has the expertise or technology to ensure that warm doesn’t become “too hot.” Obviously, “too hot” can take a toll on skin, resulting both in extreme pain and scabby skin. There’s no chance of getting scorched with threading.
No chemicals. Threading uses a string to remove the hair. That’s it. Waxing, meanwhile, uses a process marked by resins, preservatives, and artificial fragrances and ingredients that are a foe to sensitive skin.

No one’s allergic to string. Waxes often contain ingredients such as lavender, tea tree, chocolate, acai berry and more – many of which produce allergic reactions. With threading, there’s no need to worry about any kind of reaction.