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A Visit to WINK Threading Salon

They say EYEBROWS are the frames for your face and eyes. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with them. In fact, I’m so crazy about brow grooming that Mr. S gave me a pair of professional tweezers for a present one year! I’ve always wanted to try brow threading so I was elated to receive an email from WINK Threading Salon in Fort Worth.

WINK is a beautiful salon with gorgeous decor and a serene ambience. {Pssst… I want to steal those amazing armchairs in the reception area for MY OWN living room!} I went right after work, and there was no wait. You can make an appointment, but walk-ins are also welcome. I called ahead to make sure.

The staff at WINK are extremely friendly. Remember me calling to see if appointments were needed… I spoke to Krystallin AGAIN 10 minutes later because I couldn’t find the place – I’m very directionally challenged! She was so sweet both times.

Preeti, the threading specialist, got the chair ready and had my brows threaded and trimmed in less than 10 minutes. She threaded the bottom and top of the brow. At one point, I had to hold my eyebrows taught so she could get some strays.

I took the ‘before and after’ photos in natural sunlight. However, the ‘before’ photo was IN the salon, and the ‘after’ photo was OUTSIDE the salon. Also, I lightened the ‘before’ photo so you could see the details of my overgrown brows! {That is going almost a week without tweezing – a very difficult task for me because I usually tweeze everyday!}

The next day, I went to a makeup appointment with Ivan of Le Metier de Beaute. He commented on the shapes of my brows and how nicely they were groomed. Now if that’s not a great compliment, then I don’t know what is!!

The lowdown…

Would I go back? YES, I would. The pricing is reasonable. It was a great experience – the salon, the staff, and the shape of my brows. And I didn’t feel any pain. {That’s important because I tried to thread my own brows a long time ago after watching a you tube video – not easy and VERY painful when done incorrectly!}

Any cons? Maybe… as my eyebrow hairs grew back days later, it did seem as though some of the brow hairs may have been broken instead of completely grabbed by the thread.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed a recap of my first visit to a threading salon! Have any of you tried threading at home or been to a threading salon? {Secretly, I wished my eyebrows looked J Lo’s! Hers are natural but beautifully defined.}

Disclaimer: WINK Threading Salon provided a voucher for 1 complimentary eyebrow threading. All opinions and pictures are my own.

[From Style of Sam]